Character from Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City series. Michael is arguably the most lovable of the characters, and is based on Maupin himself. He's living in 28 Barbary Lane at the start of the series, but comes from Florida, where his parents are fundamentalist Christians, who don't know he's gay. Michael has a series of casual jobs and casual encounters - including Robert, the boyfriend Mary Ann tries to steal from him - until he meets Jon, a gynaecologist and member of what's known as the 'A-Gays', a rich bunch of closeted socialites. He and Jon have an on-off affair for years until eventually Jon dies of AIDS, leaving Michael HIV positive. After this he comes out to his mother, who eventually, but not without a fight, accepts it. He slowly adjusts to life without bars and bathhouses, and works at a plant nursery, which he eventually takes over in partnership with Brian Hawkins.
In the fifth book he meets Thack, a carpenter and restorer, and they fall in love and renovate a cottage together.
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