Today has been SO STRANGE.

(remainder deleted and then reposted, probably to be deleted again soon.)

She realizes she may well be a complete nut (it's true she has such delusions of grandeur that she thinks she can change the world with her slightest thoughts) but she's also cute and artistic, so people encourage her. –Geneva

So this is what happened:

2006.01.30 at 01:57 Cool Man Eddie says Hey, Geneva, Gruner just cooled your January 23, 2006 writeup, baby!
Some wiseguy thinks it’s funny to create an account with the name of my character. An initiate with two writeups cooled me? SUSPICIOUS.
2006.01.30 at 17:45 JohnnyGoodyear says Here. Do some encouraging around the old place.
And now I have cools at my disposal? I ask JohnnyGoodyear for guidance.
2006.01.30 at 17:48 JohnnyGoodyear says Happy to help; what's your question or confusion?
I ask him about this Gruner person.
17:51: (JohnnyGoodyear) I've read their last one just now, about fountain pen(s)? or something. Nicely done for a second language. What's the prob?
17:53: (JohnnyGoodyear) Is this gruner related to your gruner/wilson daylog series....? Are *you* gruner? don't hafta tell me if you don't want to. S'all good.
I accuse JohnnyGoodyear of being Gruner.
17:55: (geneva) will the real Gruner step forward please?
17:56: (geneva) I knew cultivating fake personalities would backfire someday.
2006.01.30 at 17:56 JohnnyGoodyear says I think my command of the language, as poor as it maybe, is a little more English english than Mr/Ms Gruner's. *pats down ruffled feathers*
I tell JohnnyGoodyear I don’t think Gruner is a real foreigner, based on how his voice changes in the Hope dies last writeup.
2006.01.30 at 18:00 JohnnyGoodyear says Reading it now.
2006.01.30 at 18:02 JohnnyGoodyear says Mmm...I might even do a google on the second half. Looks to me like two separate pieces. The first bit and then the Cuckoo 'story'. Wonder if it's C&P....I shall look.
I accuse IWhoSawTheFace of being Gruner.
2006.01.30 at 18:13 IWhoSawTheFace says JohnnyG and I thought it was you... an alias you set up. No? BTW, thanks for the C!. I heard Johnny graced you with a few baubles so you could go forth and ching to your heart's content, or until the smokes ran out.

Mon Jan 30 2006 at 18:29:06 Wilson creates an account.
In search of new users to give my last C!, I notice Wilson and inform IWho of his presence.
18:35: (Wilson) oh kewl
2006.01.30 at 18:40 IWhoSawTheFace says Good lord. You have fans.
2006.01.30 at 18:41 IWhoSawTheFace says You're sure you haven't created these characters out of your very writings? The words are very powerful, you know. Able to draw phantasms out of thin air. I am suspicious of your powers.
Delusions of grandeur getting worse…I message Gruner with questions on his identity.
2006.01.30 at 18:42 Gruner says My compliments to you lady. Have you seen Wilson? He does not appear to be here as of yet.
2006.01.30 at 18:47 IWhoSawTheFace says I msged Wilson (A new user, you're right.) and he - I presume it's a he - said he's never heard of you or Gruner.
I message Wilson with questions on his identity.
2006.01.30 at 18:56 Wilson says so iwhoshwtheface says i'm half of a team. What's the ohter half?
I inform Gruner of Wilson’s presence.
2006.01.30 at 18:59 Gruner says That is strange, for only one half an hour ago there was no Wilson here for I looked.

18:59: (Wilson) does this thing work /msg geneva
I continue my interrogation of Gruner.
2006.01.30 at 19:03 Gruner says I grew up in the Carpathian region, but my family are from all over eastern europe, with a grandmother who I am hoping to write of from much further into Asia.
19:04: (Gruner) No, in the Ukraine, but it is getting better always with help.
19:05: Gruner Excuses me.
19:07: (IWhoSawTheFace) Wilson? Geneva?
19:08: (La petite mort) wilson and geneva seem to be experimenting with the message system.
2006.01.30 at 19:08 IWhoSawTheFace says HOW THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THIS?
19:09: (Gruner) Thank-you and sorry again for the mistake. I am learning Software AND English!
19:10: (La petite mort) Gruner, we don't mind a bit. anthing to get my imagination back from wertie and borgo doing the hussle.

I message Wilson with a link to the beginning of the Gruner/Wilson daylogs.
2006.01.30 at 19:10 Wilson says starting were?
19:11: (Wilson) that works now when you put the slash msg in front
19:12: (geneva) I'd like to know what Wilson and Gruner have to say to each other.
19:14: (Wilson) messages are too hard its easier to just talk this way
19:15: (Gruner) I am looking for a man called Wilson, it is what I came to here for in the first. Someone told me.
19:17: (Wilson) like livingston and morton I presue
19:17: (Wilson) presume
19:17: (Gruner) Mr. Wilson?
19:18: (Gruner) I was told that we would meet in Geneva, but I am not of the money to go there at this moment now.
19:19: (Gruner) Mr. Wilson, will you make me a private conversation please.
19:20: (IWhoSawTheFace) OK GRUNER OK WILSON. Johnny. Shoot them all. Shoot Geneva too. She's casting weird spells.
19:21: (JohnnyGoodyear) So, has geneva got two boyfriends or three laptops? Or has she created characters that have come true? Silver foil time.
19:21: (Gruner) I am leaving for the work.
19:23: (IWhoSawTheFace) I think she's an alpha puppy, and her time is short.
19:24: (yclept) nah, just log into .net and .com with different usernames.
19:26: (geneva) dudes, I am so innocent of all this, I swear.
19:26: (geneva) e2 is a very surreal place for me today.
19:28: (geneva) To begin with...MY Gruner and Wilson are chicks.
19:29: (JohnnyGoodyear) geneva, cherchez la femme baby.
19:29: (wertperch) They're spread out some, geographically...
19:33: (JohnnyGoodyear) And as you can see it's not very efficient. Thanks for trying bewildery! Perhaps this is e2's way of saying write more, chat less. Hint taken. Be good people. Keep an eye on that geneva.

I said "I will add that if I were masterminding this, it would be funnier." to IWhoSawTheFace (sent to 1 noder)
2006.01.30 at 19:34 IWhoSawTheFace says Hmmm. I can see that. And snacks would be involved, as well as evil supervisors.
2006.01.30 at 19:35 geneva says people really need to stop encouraging me. The delusions of grandeur are bad enough already. to IWhoSawTheFace (sent to 1 noder)
19:36: (IWhoSawTheFace) We've managed to chase the Wilson lad and the Gruner alien off. Well done, folks!
19:37: (IWhoSawTheFace) Gruner and Wilson are both chicks?
2006.01.30 at 19:38 IWhoSawTheFace says I think you're a keeper. I don't know how you're doing this, or who you're working with, but it was damned funny.
19:38: (Wilson) is still reading the big FAQ and is more intimidated now than before I signed up.
19:39: (Wilson) Oops, knda broke the 4th wall there.
19:39: (IWhoSawTheFace) Fuck me running. You're a GIRL?
19:40: (IWhoSawTheFace) Jeebus. /me checks A/S/L antenna. Complete antenna malfunction.
19:41: (IWhoSawTheFace) weeps
19:41: (geneva) yeah, hot chicks.
I said "So Wilson. what's your story? are you getting scared away? you don't have to be a chick here, or anything." to Wilson (sent to 1 noder)
19:42: (IWhoSawTheFace) 19/M/Utah or Montana. I sweartagod that's what the vibes were telling me
19:43: (IWhoSawTheFace) geneva is 24/f/midwestern. That's the closest I can localize her to.
19:43: (Wilson) I always choose an asexual username as safe internet policy. Thanks for blowing that for me on my first afternoon here.
19:43: (craze) Oh! Oh! Guess me next, IWho!
19:44: (bewilderbeast) endorses the presence of hot chicks.
19:44: (Lamorsa) also approves
19:44: (The Custodian) 'safe internet policy' and 'being on E2' are really not compatible.
19:45: (The Custodian) But don't worry! We advertise all meetups in advance so you can remain well clear.
19:45: (yclept) is a full grown chicken, and needs a sweater. Alas.
19:46: (geneva) OMG! are you psychic, IWho?
you said "man, there's no trust. seriously, wouldn't you expect better writing from MY Gruner and Wilson?" to IWhoSawTheFace (sent to 1 noder)
2006.01.30 at 19:46 IWhoSawTheFace says Yes I would. Seriously.

19:47: (IWhoSawTheFace) The antennae are rusty, worn, and will not survive another season. My self confidence is utterly shattered.
19:48: (yclept) Chicks which are too hot sleep all stretched out. Disturbingly adorable.
19:50: (Wilson) I'm going to be stating a band soon, so I probably won't have a lot of time for a site like this anyway.
19:50: (yclept) weeps
19:51: (IWhoSawTheFace) LOL
19:53: (borgo) That reminds me...
19:54: (The Custodian) Wilson: Yes, that's popular.
19:54: (The Custodian) Doh! beat by borgo.
19:54: (Wilson) I'm actually in Indiana, but I think that doesn't matter what with the internet being all over the place now.
19:55: (JohnnyGoodyear) You know, erm, Indiana wants me.
19:56: (Glowing Fish) The internet is all over now? Oh man, does that mean some of the people I talk to on e2 could be Irish or something?

I said something to IWho. Don't know what. Too paranoid. Losing mind.
2006.01.30 at 19:56 IWhoSawTheFace says Indeed. Find them, then terminate them.
I said "G&W's flailing in the catbox is worth remembering as a ruse for fake personalities, though." to IWhoSawTheFace (sent to 1 noder)
20:03: (Gruner) / msg geneva What is this all for, can you know?
20:04: (Gruner) Sorry I am at the work and it is different looking here, this everything. Our keyboards and English ones anyway. I am writing now before the boss comes.
I said "I'm going to write a daylog on today's weirdness. hope that will explain a little." to Gruner (sent to 1 noder)
2006.01.30 at 20:22 Gruner says I will be the first to read it if I can be.
2006.01.30 at 20:25 Gruner says Between us, I am uncertain about Wilson.