It's sunny in Hell.

I have to walk my fucking dog again. The fucking weatherman with his annoying perkiness predicts nothing but fucking sun all day. Dew drops drip off the shitty neighborhood lawns like fucking diamonds.

Yeah, pee on that you fucking dog, and add some shit while you're at it. Fucking neighbors deserve all that and more.

Morning passes, and I can hear the demon spawn playing on their shitty playground, smiling like there's no tomorrow, laughably ignorant that this is the fucking eternity they're stuck in. Their fucking parents laugh like hyenas, taking pictures of the most annoying memories they'll ever have.

I can't wait for my fucking dog to take me to some other shitty place around here. Fucking teenagers walking by with their disgusting ice cream cones, after wasting their parents' fortunes on extortionary ice cream truck prices. Yeah, spend your parents' money while you fucking can.

When the fucking sun sets here, the sky will change into some hideous pinks and purples, and the fucking cold will rush in, marking the end of another disgusting day.

But I have to push on, despite all the unending torture, despite that the fucking sun will keep shining in Hell.