Today's the day our cell phone usage rolls over. You came in right under the wire in usage. That's so like you. Very cute =) As for me, I still have over a hundred peak minutes left. It figures. I'm surprised I didn't use even less.

Two weeks left before I see you. Two weeks I have to wait. Two weeks I'm alone but looking forward to the day you will be in my arms. How that makes me ache for the future.

There are things about the present I would rather not think about, but you are here in the present with me as well. That part of it makes it worthwhile.

There are also bits of the past that I am trying my hardest not to dwell on. It's only self-torture. I need to remember the good times we had together. The times we were hand-in-hand. The times when we held each other. The silly times and the tender ones. I wish I could replay those memories constantly instead of what normally goes through my mind when I think about the past.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I hope I can change for the better. You deserve a better me. I want to show you that person. We have many years ahead of us I hope. Let's watch them go by together.