You may call me Merlin. It is not my real name, but it is my life. I am currently writing to you in hospice. Do not worry for me however, for this is only the start of my journey.

They told me I don't have much longer to live. But I know how old I am now, which means I know exactly how long my journey will be before I am born.

You see, things in my life are the opposite of what you consider normal. Tragedies to you are celebrations for me. Celebrations to you mean something is about to be lost for me. Medicines make me sick, and bullets heal me. (I'll try to get to that later.)

I remember everything that will be happening to me, but I will experience them again when the time comes. Once I experience them, the memory disappears forever. 

I wrote a diary only to show myself what is coming, but whenever I have a pen, I only use that to erase what I'm about to experience.

I've had pain lessen with each sunrise. I've had scars become increasingly prominent, only to be replaced by stitches, then unraveled into an open wound, and uncut by scalpels, leaving untarnished skin in its place.

I will be pulled backwards out of the hospital to enjoy my life once more. I'm looking forward to that. 

If you have to ask, yes, I walk backwards. How, you might ask. Am I not blind, would I not bump into things? To you, eyes help you predict what's coming, so you don't bump into things. For me, my memories replace your eyes. I remember everything that I will have walked by and already know what I won't bump into. What I see at any given moment are the things I'm about to forget.

What about friends and family, you may ask, what are those relationships like? Allow me to say I value my worst enemies above all else. The most terrible pain and distress I'm experiencing now, would be completely removed by enemies who come into my life. And my supposed loved ones? I fear them most of all. Whatever I'm enjoying most will eventually be sucked out of my life by them.

Anger in others means great things are coming. Smiles are the most terrifying features in a face, for they are omens of horrible things to come.

And my parents? They are the worst of all. They will eventually drain me of everything I hold dear, even my ability to walk and talk. They will carry me to my inevitable and terrifying birth, where I will live no more. They are the two most horrible people I know.


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