Breathe, take a step back, start sleeping all day.

I have decided that I can't handle the crisper edges of life being taken away from me, so I've stopped taking my medication. I'm hoping to reverse the flow. Drop the Depakote, regain the clarity I used to have. Maybe water will seem cold again, ideas fresh and green.
I do believe that I'm bipolar (as diagnosed). I don't believe this medication is at all helping me. I cycle and stay on a low sort of manic most of the time, and get depressed about twice a year. I used to sleep for 5 or 6 hours a night, and get the house cleaned. I used to eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight. Now I'm overweight and I act like a cat... I eat, then I sleep for a few hours.

Stop sleeping all day, take a step forward, breathe.