I blame National Novel Writing Month for my total editor slackitude this fine November. I'm only noding this right now because I'm a day ahead and my so-called "plot" or lack thereof hasn't been going anywhere for the past few thousand words. Ugh.



Update 24 November 2002: Word from on high says "firmlink overkill is bad", and the following are examples of what NOT to do. The excessive links have been removed, writeups moved to appropriate locations, and my hose-up is duly noted here for all who want to point and laugh.

  • magic realism to magical realism and vice versa. I've only ever heard or used the second term, but apparently they're interchangeable. The winner is: magic realism, and the firmlink in the other direction is no more.
  • Papiamento to Papiamentu and back again, because I only knew the first spelling but the second is valid as well and both contain excellent writeups. Both writeups now reside at Papiamentu, and there's only one firmlink, pointed that way.


As I messaged Frankie some time last month, "As a content editor, I could just fix all the typos I came across; it'd probably be quicker than /msging users. But I like to think that telling people to fix stuff helps them learn to edit themselves better. Or something." Like it says on my homenode, I don't suggest corrections to writeups that aren't worth improving. If I /msg you with a correction, it means, "Hey, this is wrong, please fix it and give your writeup a double-check because I could have missed typos since I probably only read it once through." Now you know. That said, the exception to my "messages for typos" exchange program are fled users, although I do usually message them to report any changes I make, just in case. Here's me leaving big tracks, too: