This is gonna be a real irregular kinda log, seeing as I'm going all itinerant this month and don't know what my E2 access is going to be like. That said, I wouldn't want to deprive anybody of my snide commentary, let alone the humiliation of having nuked writeups posted. As always (ok, since as of last month), I will remove writeups from my Nuked list if requested, since I know I'd rather forget my fair share of embarrassments in Node Heaven.


  • bra (thing) by Zorin (mercifully) because it was weak, like most of the other writeups in that node. (Hint, hint, CRT monkeys!)
  • Sex Ed (thing) by justthere (mercifully) because it was unformatted teen angst drivel.
  • spicy food (thing) by Accipiter (mercifully) by the author's nuke request

Editor Cooled

  • Modern art for a nice blend of fact and opinion. In particular, factual noders and fans of factual nodes should take a look at evandyne's amazing, encyclopedic writeup. Simply put, it's one of the very best general overviews I've seen on such a broad and diverse topic.



Nothing yet.