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Geek since, oh gosh, forever. Hacking on the Apple II during lunchtime in high school. Engineering school was when I realized that there are much better geeks out there then me. Started programing out of school - at least I learned something. After several years, the call of Architecture grew strong enough for me to give it a try. So after eight years I am ready to graduate as an architect (almost). Still have to take the exams.

I've also been a clueless geek for many years. This is probably redundant. My wife was successful in whacking me with a 2x4, so she got to date me and fall in love and then I fell in love and now we have kids fer crissakes. Most powerful moments in my life - seeing my children born. We still look at them (when they are asleep) and wonder what the hell we were thinking. To just go and make a person.

I am really glad that I found here.