Piers Anthony is a science fiction and fantasy author who is very prolific. Many of his early works are superb. They make you think and have exciting plots at the same time. Macroscope (1969) and his Of Man and Manta (1968 - 1976) trilogy are examples of this period. He already has some very strange ideas about sex and romance, but what is science fiction for but strange ideas?

Although his first Xanth book was published in 1977, A Spell for Chamelion is more part of his middle period. His odd attitude towards sex and romance takes center stage. The beginnings of a transition become evident, but there are still mind twistingly worthwhile ideas and genuine tension in these books.

His most recent books, alas, are what he is best known for. Many of the newer Xanth books would properly be shelved with children's books. Sometimes very young children go on ostensibly dangerous adventures without having the reactions you would really expect from young children in these circumstances. He himself has discussed this elliptically, speaking of the positive effect his books panned by critics had on a very sick little girl. This is good, but properly speaking some of these books belong on the children's shelf of the library. Even those of his books not truly children's books no longer have the mind bending ideas they once did. They are for easy to read, but the soul of the early Piers Anthony is gone.

Piers Anthony was born in 1934 in England.