The Visit (1956)

This rarely produced play is one of Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s best. It tells the story of a worn down Eastern European town that is invaded by a super rich heiress. She will give the town all the money they need provided that her arch enemy, a well respect resident of the town, (and childhood friend) is murdered. It doesn't matter by who or how. Our hero, the man whose life is at stake, is, inevitably, murdered. The town arranges this so that no one man is to blame. Through a rubegoldbergairen feat of rationalization they justify taking a human life for material wealth. The play is a criticism of capitalism and a harsh commentary on the flexibility of human morality. It is also extremely funny though at times horrific. Think: The Lottery meets The Government Inspector.

"My grandfather was once sent to prison for ten days because of a poem he wrote. I haven't been honored in that way yet. Maybe it's my fault, or maybe the world has gone so far to the dogs that it doesn't even feel insulted anymore if it's criticized severely."

- Friedrich Dürrenmatt