Resume: In today's exciting installment, we are expecting the electrician (to finish the boiler installation) and the window fitters (to replace two windows)...

0730 - The sparks arrived. He actually asked whether he was too early for us, which was nice. We'd been awake since 0630 and were quite pleased he was early. With any luck he'll be done before the window people arrive.

0830 - Still no sign of the window people. We'll give them until about 0915. The electrician is still working. He's cleared out the electrics from the old central heating system. We're still not expecting him to be here much longer...

0945 - Well, the electrician finished about 0930 and the window people have just arrived. And they've arrived quite thoroughly. They approach the job like some military exercise - everyone seems to know exactly what to do, as if it's all been preplanned.

1115 - We reckon they'll be done by lunchtime. They've hit one or two snags but nothing that they've not seen before (we suppose...). The frames are in and the glazing units are being fitted downstairs. I think upstairs has been a little trickier (the plaster is a little loose).

1245 - Oh dear... Did I say "the plaster is a little loose"..? Actually the brick arch above the window has slipped. Again, this happens. (Had we not had the windows replaced in our previous house, seeing bricks dangling would have been nerve-wracking.)

1415 - They've been off and had lunch and their back, filling gaps between the house (which isn't as level as it could be) and the window frames. Oh, and it rained.

1800 - (Okay, so this isn't "as it happens", as it happens.) The window people finished about 1630, I guess. The new kitchen window looks great. The new back bedroom window looks a lot better than what was there. It needs some finishing (which we said we'd do) and the brick arch is still a little dodgy.

That's it. All done... until the loft people come in a month or so.

I'm reading through the Zvon Document Object Model reference guide. It's not going to be as easy to Everythingify as their CSS1 guide. I may decide to write my own using it as a basis. Well, it's gotta be done...