A Turf Club is a racetrack for horses. The term can also refer not only to the track itself, but also to the clubhouse and the people who run it. Gamblers, employees, jockeys, veternarians, horse owners, and other groupies are but a few of the people who you'd find at the insert location here Turf Club.

The Turf Club in question is a small resturaunt and bar in the Golden Hill area of San Diego. A popular hangout for owners, gamblers, and racing fans in the heydey of the Del Mar Racetrack, it has since become somewhat less focused on racing and more on being a fun place to get get some grub.

The main attraction is the centrally located grill upon which all patrons are required to cook their food. Steak, shish-kabobs, and fish are standard fare.

Music consists of an old crooner banging out a surprising variety of tunes on an even older piano. Elvis Costello and Morrissey are played right alongside Frank Sinatra and Louis Prima.

Dark red lighting illuminates your culinary masterpiece/catastrophe as you suck down some cheap drinks.

This place has character.