Predecessor to Survivor, and related reality television shows.

A show that started to air around 1998 in Japan in which a contestant is locked naked in a room without furniture, food, goods, or entertainment except a few magazines); and forced to win through mail-in contests whatever he needed. See following webpage in english:

The show was recently Slashdotted: See article at And, as usual, a very long series of people voiced their opinions and flames on the subject. Such reactions, of course, beg interesting questions:

Is it appropriate to pass judgement on other cultures without having a complete and full understanding of the social, economical, political, geopolitical, geographical, philosophical, and historical context of an event - or chain of events - and the implications of such an event(s)?

And furthermore, what about the implications of voicing an erroneous opinion, especially if such an opinion, although inaccurate, becomes a collective and powerful one, that will most probably serve as guide to similarly less educated or less open-minded people?