The University of California at Berkeley (also known as Cal) is one of the most distinguished research universities in the United States. Although the university has been home to 18 Nobel Prize winning faculty members and its graduate programs are consistently ranked among the top five by US News & World Report and the National Research Council, the university is most famous for its ultraliberal student body and their political activities.

The UC campus is situated in the heart of Berkeley, California, which is adjacent to Oakland and directly across the bay from San Francisco. For an urban campus, it is surprisingly lush and beautiful. There are botannical gardens, streams, redwood groves, and spacious lawns. Many of the buildings are wonderful displays of classical Greek architecture. Towering over the campus and the city of Berkeley is a campanile, which can be seen from San Francisco on a clear day.

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And let's not forget the unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.