Well, just got home from the bars (pretty boring actually), after an 8 hour drive back from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I'd have to say, probably the best spring break ever. I mean how can you beat a week of skiing with some of your closest friends...?

All that can really sum it all up is in 4 little words: 50 Inches of Powder!!! Nothing beats is when it's up to your waist!! Well, at least not much.

Jackson is known for it's steepness. Supposedly, it's the steepest mountain in North America. I dont know how acurate that is, but it seems to be true. Out of only 4 days riding that mountain, I'm about ready to sleep for a week straight.

One of the most renound aspects of Jackson Hole is Corbet's Couloir. Which is basically a 15-25 ft. drop, depending on where you huck from, onto a 60 degree pitch chute which is only maybe 10 feet at it's widest part. I havn't hucked it... yet. I'm still a little chicken when it comes to that, but when i go back and they have a foot of fresh... you better get the sled ready just in case...