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at the current moment, i am a bored college student who is attending kansas state university, which is located in manhattan, ks, commonly known to everyone in the know as the little apple. my major is mathematics, which never fails to elicit some sort of sound of pained sympathy or some statement about the lack of proficiency in said subject.

a slight digression:

no one wants to hear about how horrible you are at mathematics or how much you despise it. especially math majors. they are dealing with parents, siblings, friends, and 3rd grade teachers who can not comprehend why they love math. what they do not need is a complete stranger who insists on further impregnating the idea that everyone thinks they are insane.

end digression

at any rate, my marginal home away from the hell that is the dorm is kansas city, ks. incidentally, many people believe that kansas city, mo is the one true kansas city. these people are wrong. how could kansas city be principally located in a state which is not represented in its name? that would be like saying oklahoma city was located in texas, which it's not, so let's stop the confusion. also quite incidentally, many people believe that kansas city, ks or wyandotte county, the two being synonymous, is the armpit of this area. this is most assuredly not true. where else in this area but kck can you see what i can only call city rot? actually, though, kck has just about the least amount of commercial area you could ever want, plus no worries about getting pulled over, because the police don't like to park in a good portion of it. mostly it's great because it's home.

i maintain a sporadic presence on livejournal as torch, which is incidentally what inspired me to choose flashlight as a username, after getting thoroughly pissed at the idiot who registered torch two years ago and used the account for two hours. i hate people.

and last, but not least, the idea of requiring capitalization of entries is what i call horribly nazi-like. klaproth can fuck off and die.