Why I Am Not a Morning Person

I despise sunrises—so full of joy and vigor.
Getting up each morning as if to say,

Awake! Be of good cheer!
Each of you has been given a brand new day
To spend as you will... each of you but one.
You my son have been given no joy.
This day shall hold for you nothing but anguish.

Look around you.
Look at all the joy and love and hope and laughter.

Look, and know that today you shall have none of it.
Know that should you die tomorrow,
You will be less alone than you are today.
For then, you shall not remember
Waking up to kiss the woman you love;
Going downstairs to find your youngest daughter elbow-deep in corn flakes;
Spending eight hours doing something you love only to have some fool wearing a tie pay you for it;
Coming home in time to help make dinner for your family;
Tucking your children into bed and tip-toeing down the hall to dream of the good things in life.

You shall not remember because you shall not have done them,
For they are not yours to do.
Not today.

Today all you shall have is the knowledge that,
Perhaps tonight, you shall dream
Of a day when you shall have these things,
A day when joy shall replace this anguish,
A day when love shall surround you more surely than the air.
Perhaps tonight, this shall be your dream.
Perhaps tonight.

But not today.