Whilst walking along the beach you happen to chance upon a hole in the sand, not very large maybe a foot deep and wide. A pile of soft white sand sits alongside but you can't see who may have dug it. Suddenly you are surprised by a voice.

"Psssst...over here."

Looking around you can't see anybody. The voice seems to be coming from the hole so you kneel down and listen a little closer.

"Put your head in the hole, don't worry it's quite safe."

Heart catching in your throat you gently lower your head into the hole, the voice seems louder here, almost as if it were the very sand speaking.

"Now pull in the sand around your head, trust me you'll be quite safe."

As you pull the sand into the hole you are surprised to find you can still breath, the sounds of the wind and surf fade into nothingness. It's cool, calm and quiet here, in fact you feel protected from the outside world. Suddenly the voice booms deep inside your head.

"Here is the news."