I was taught to put a comma after "Me," because the R,N, and S type stars are totally different kinds. This also make the phrase more memorable: Oh Be a Fine Girl, Kiss Me. Right Now!

I hesitate to post this, but someone might find it interesting and it may help you remember. In 11th grade Astronomy, our teacher told us the mnemonic. Less than five seconds later, the guy sitting next to me had his own version that he whispered to those on either side of him. Only Bitches And Fag Guys Kiss Men. We could hardly contain ourselves. I was appalled by the language, but also impressed by how much cooler his version was. Mainly, I was in awe of the speed with which he came up with this coup. I will never forget the star type order until my dying day. Personally, I love Only Boys Accepting Feminism Get Kissed Meaningfully, but unfortunately the "blue" version is stuck in my head forever. I should add that our Physics teacher was gay and we all loved him, so my neighbor meant no offense. He was a nice guy and a great teacher.