I am saddened to say that it is true that many of today's youth do not make an effort to understand that Che was not just a cool picture on the t shirt now available at urban outfitters. But I do not think that anyone has any real reason to dismiss his efforts. I think that anyone who believes so strongly in what they are doing should not be dismissed as "mediocre". He was a great man, whose life was cut short by troops trained by the CIA. He was also a true believer that everyone deserved the best. One of his right hand men told of a time when Che and his troops were crossing the mountains in Argentina. they had some cans of condensed milk, and they were handing them out for dinner. After everyone had received their can, there was one remaining. Che's men offered to give Che the extra can, but he not only refused it, but demanded that it be shared with everyone. he then gave everyone an extra spoonfull of the milk. Though this sounds like a small act, it was typical of his refusal to be glorified. Che Guevara is one of my heros, and to insult him is to insult the belief in the decency of humanity. See also why i am a communist