This one is a little short, but is still a first for me. I've always been interested in dreams, even those of other people, but have been quite unable to remember my own. However, last night I went to sleep with the serious idea to remember one of my dreams, and did it for about the third time in my life. It's rather lacking in clarity though, I guess the machinery needs excersise.

Anyhow, on to the dream. It started out with me, and someone who I just knew was my wife (I'm single) walking out of some sort of building, apparently on our way to somewhere. We were still all dressed up, so it seemed we must have just gotten out of the wedding. As we were walking, someone who I didn't recognize aproached my "wife" and told her her girlfriend had been kidnapped.

Using the wonderful powers that dream logic seems to afford, we decided that the best thing to do would be to go to the girlfriend's house, and ask her about it. Of course! An instant transition to her house followed, where, of course, we met the kidnapped girlfriend. She informed us that she had been kidnapped by aliens, and that we would have to rescue her before they decided to eat her.

After this, it starts to go all vague and disjointed (I remember the prior paragraphs quite clearly, including sounds of voices, feelings, etc). I think it had something to do with magic rockets, or something. Unfortunatly, I have no other clear dream memories. I may have woken up soon after what I do remember, I can't be sure.

Honestly, if all my dreams are going to be this drab and silly, I don't think I'm going to bother. Do everyone elses dreams make that little sense?