A religious clock based on the Dreamspell calendar. The smallest unit is the tzolkin second (tsec), which is equivalent to 12/13 of a second. The other units are:

13 tsecs = 1 Lord of Time
9 lords = 1 merc
5 Mercs = 1 Venu
8 Venu = 1 hour

The Merc and Venu are based off the synodic cycle of Mercury and Venus, respectively. Venus' cycle is 584 days, the Venu is 585 tsecs; Mercury's cycle is 116 days, the Merc is 117 tsecs. The motivation behind this is the Dreamspell's goal to synchronize mankind with natural cycles. The clock's 20 hours are the Dreamspell solar seals: the first hour of a day is Red Dragon, then White Wind, Blue Night, and so on. A day starts at sunrise in Palenque on the Spring Equinox.

The clock was created by a group calling themselves the SoulKin. You can watch the Synchronometer in action, or download your own, at http://www.synchronometer.com/

For a version with digital display, visit http://www.synchronometer.com/members/jarle_52949/files/daybanner04.swf