I ran across this palindrome in a surfing magazine, describing The Wave

S  A  T  O  R
A  R  E  P  O
T  E  N  E  T
O  P  E  R  A
R  O  T  A  S

Note that it reads the same across, down, and right to left and down to up starting at the bottom right corner. I've seen English ones that do that, mostly involving rats and a star, but they don't tend to make any sense.

Sadly, it's in Latin. Happily, I will translate.

The creator 1, unchanging, holds his 2 works in rotation.

  1. literally "the sower". It's a stretch to use it in this context, but anything for a good palindrome.
  2. or her, or its - the Latin implies the possessive pronoun rather than stating it, and skips the gender issue altogether. In English, unfortunately, we have to be more specific.

yossarian, the spoilsport, points out that the translation can be taken literally, if the palindrome is about farming - sowing the seeds and rotating the crops.