As noted before, Craftsman refers to a brand of hand and power tools manufactured and sold by Sears.

Many of the Craftsman hand tools do indeed have a lifetime warranty. However this guarantee is generally limited to tools having no moving parts or components expected to undergo lots of wear, such as wrenches, sockets or screwdrivers. The more complicated hand tools, such as torque wrenches or piston ring compressors generally come with a 90-day guarantee only. The power tools all have a limited warranty, as well.

The Craftsman tool makers also attempt to regularly introduce innovative new hand and power tools. While some of these tools are novelties, many of these, such as their slimline ratcheting wrenches, are invaluable in the shop.

Craftsman tools are sometimes frowned upon by mechanics and shop workers loyal to Snap-on Tools or Mac Tools (calling them "Crapsman"). While those brands are indeed extremely well made and durable, there is nothing wrong with Craftsman. I own a complete set of Craftsman sockets, wrenches and ratchets bought by my grandfather 60 years ago and they are still good as new.