Very cool university in central Illinois. Highly regarded throughout the world for the quality of its computer science and engineering programs, as well as its general proliferation of chinese food joints. Located in Urbana-Champaign, the campus is quite large (a land-grant university) and is host to some 30,000+ students at any one time.

Split from east-to-west by Green Street. Engineering and other hard science programs are typically located North of Green Street, most other programs are south. North of Green there are several really cool buildings such as the Everitt Laboratory, Grainger Library, NCSA, DCL, and the Beckman Institute. South of Green are a lot of very old, very cool humanities buildings which I spent virtually no time inside. The undergraduate library is actually underground! The Illini Union is also a very cool hangout, complete with an Espresso Royale coffee bar, snack shops, food court, and bowling alley.

UIUC is a wet campus, a complete shock to me coming from the Bible Belt. Made for convenient 50 foot trips from Sherman Hall to the Illini Inn across the street to drink beer and play pinball.

The campus is connected on a very fast ethernet backbone, which made obtaining mp3s and playing Quake highly entertaining.

This campus is hot in the summer, and damn cold in the winter. The only place on earth I have ever experienced rain, sleet and snow in the same hour. The casual visitor should note that Green Street tends to flood after a hard rain...