It is true that retailers were trying to unload a bunch of Micropolis disks in the last few years. This is why I own no less than six Microp SCSI hard disks. These go from the heavy 5 1/4 full form factor SCSI bricks which range from 650 megabytes to 1.5 gigabytes, to a set of Micropolis Stinger SCSI drives which weigh in at 4.5 gigs each. None of these drives have ever failed. The Stinger drives run in my Linux server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have for the last three years without incident. Is this a coincidence, or just really good luck?

This is compared to the many Quantum and Seagate drives that I have had fail. I have a box full of failed hard drives in the closet. Not one of them is Micropolis.