Here are some hints for doing well in the game Civilization:

  1. Settle! Build lots and lots of settlers. These are one of the most important units in the game. Improve the area around your cities a bit, then go off and found new ones.

  2. Water, water, everywhere... Water is very important. Irrigate, don't mine or plant forests so much. Build cities near rivers, and try to have diagonal access to the sea. This allows you to build ships, without being so exposed to enemy ships as a coastal city or one on a peninsula.

  3. All roads lead to Rome... Roads aren't just for transportation, they also improve the trade on plains and grasslands. Railroads will improve any kind of terrain.

  4. To Battle! Enemy civilizations are usually aggressive and untrustworthy. Don't be suprised when (not if) they stab you in the back and betray your trust. So get them before they get you! Especially early in the game, send out chariots and militia to conquer other civilizations before they have a chance to build up their defenses.

  5. High tech Romans Technology is key. Try to keep your tax rate below 50% if at all possible. Early in the game, before you have any buildings, set it to zero. This will maximize your scientific output.