except that you hear the violinist -she doesn't know what she does, but                                                                                                                                       the sound is not bound by her knowledge



Music can both surround and crush us.  There are certain notes, certain waves that seem able to elevate us above life's ordinary then

throw us to the floor,   an novice pilot, introduced to zero gravity.


Music, especially live music,  experienced in a relatively small space, has the strength to stir something inside of us.   

The something can be great and profound or it can be strong and punishing.   Waves of strings.  -  violins, cellos, etc :  a thunderstorm of notes that whip around us.  We can ride those waves, or get drown by them.  


Often I hear someone say that a symphony took their breath away.  That it made them speechless or that it brought them to tears.  


They are all compliments;  no one apologies for an external force that reminds us we are human.  


Like all drugs,  I partake of this in small amounts, so as not to build up a tolerance. 






what is it in you that moves, that resonates,                                                                                                                                                                       what did you recognise, that you feel so ruined,  devastated by happiness,  reduced to nothing                                                                                           

      by love - 

italics, and thanks to   Dreamvirus