if the keys in my hand,  Turned a lock of your hair

I would walk through the glance,   But I'd stop at the stair

I'd follow it down,   To the very last step

And I'd wait by the room where your secrets are kept





 As noon shades to night

I'll invite you to shed

all your compulsion and sorrow unsaid


if one comes before two

and three before four

might I have your attention for a few hours more 


and if you'll take the rains 

then I'll drown you in grace

as my kisses outnumber the tears on your face


when my tongue becomes tired

and I can no longer speak

may my fingertips trace the ears I can't reach 






Then I'd pause for a time

And I'd look at your world

And I'd fashion a rhyme

for a lost little girl











lyrics by Shayfer James

middle stanzas by Estelore and e.