The day after the holiday. The day after sales stampede. But in my small world this day has always been about putting on a brave face. It has been, since I was a small boy- the Big Letdown. The ohmygoshwhatdoIlookfowardtonow day. Blah.

Here then are three stories of Christmas to try and give a little perspective.

What was:

Christmas was -
a small ruddy face pressed up against the Toy Store window
watching trains race past impossibly fast
dreaming we could ever move that quickly
dreaming we could be on our way to a magical place

Christmas is -
trying to find a quiet snow lined street where there are only
the warmth of Nat King Cole's voice
shoulders full of snow flakes
a face full of your scarf wrapped neck

Christmas could be -
busy shoppers in front of Harrods
incomprehensible conversations around us
steamy shops filled with the scent of tea and cocoa
your icy fingertips wrapped around mine
not a single word spoken in an hour

Merry Christmas week- It is worth more than a day,
n'cest pas?