Directed by Denis Villeneuve




A quote from the film:  

I can see it. As clear as dreaming. He loves her.






Here is the thing-- the quote is from a character in the movie who is blind.

Ponder that for a moment.    That sort of thing either intrigues you and makes you more interested in seeing the film- or puts you off.   


Although it is not a spoiler in any sense of the word,  I am starting this review with that line because it captures the mood of the film- although not the story.  Make no mistake both this film and its predessor is as much about mood as anything-  atmosphere,  the music,  the scenery, etc define this film-   Close your eyes and imagine falling headlong into a world that is equal parts desolate landscape and sparkling neon.   

Have you ever ridden in the front seat of a rollercoaster at midnight?     Like that.    

Other people can write you their reviews about the story- which is interesting.  Other people can write about the wide range of actors- large and small- known and unknown, and they are spectacular- but I will leave that to them.


My recommendation is that this is a movie to be SEEN and FELT.   It will be talked about and analyzed- because - of course.    My argument is that it is a big screen film meant to be seen on a big screen and experienced because it is visceral and emotional and disorienting.     


So,  of course- the irony.  The thing that makes this fictional movie about robots compelling is the emotional reaction it elicits.  


More human than human.    But of course.