The fourth story in Ian Fleming's Bond short story collection For Your Eyes Only.

Risico has a couple nice twists in it. It opens with Bond in an Italian restaurant, meeting with an agent. In order to stop heroin being shipped into England from Italy, Bond has been assigned to destroy the pipeline. The agent, Kristatos, has added his own codicil to the assignment. He wants Bond to kill the head of the smuggling operation.

At this point in the story, a major miscalculation on Kristatos and Bond's part comes to light -- the enemy is Enrico Columbo, the owner of the restaurant. Columbo bugs the table, finds out about the death warrant, and sets a classic trap for Bond. Our James, of course, can't resist the chance to steal the bad guy's girl. He takes her to the beach, where Columbo's men show up and capture Bond.

Bond wakes up on board Columbo's ship where he learns the truth -- everything that Kristatos told him about the opium/heroin smuggling operation is true, with one tiny little thing... Kristatos is the head of the operation, and is receiving his drugs from Russia (with love, one hopes). Bond and Columbo join forces, take out Kristatos, and in the end, it looks like Bond is going to get the girl after all.

"In this pizniss is much risico." -- Kristatos