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These all used to be nodes, once:

200 years old
19 miles up and falling
18 Genders
17 Steps
16 Horses
15 Unique Visitors
14 Views of Matiwane's Kop
13 Ghosts
12 Monkeys
11 Apples
100 envelopes

Realisations I've made under the influence of chatter:

  • EDB is a Norwegian. He has all the charecteristics of a mountain troll and is probably a cousin to The Swedish Chef.
  • Toes are for sucking
  • People who have welcomed, advised, encouraged or listened to me:

    Halspal * jessicapierce * rougevert * RainDropUp * Gritchka * RACECAR * Cletus the foetus * =nerochiaro= * JudyT * wonko * BlueDragon * ocelotbob * rougevert * wertperch * a scar faery * Davidian * ocelotbob * sid * Wuukie * TallRoo
    Hopefully, one day I can have all of E2 here.
    Well, almost all.

    Unashamed praise for when I'm feeling down:

    <dem bones> 17th of May is one of the finest first writeups I've ever seen.
    <dem bones> Of course, I generally delete them without actually reading so ... make of that what you will.

    A small invocation for a dark night:
    Shibboleth caucasus currency cork
    Hannover general tanganyika
    Salary sellafield zelda xantippe
    Woolly rhinocerous tango madrid!