I went to do laundry around 3am this morning. As usual for that time any night of the week, the basement laundrettes were completely empty. Since I got here, I've seen about 6 people while doing laundry. Hence, parallelization across 8 washers and dryers is easy (they're tiny washers).

While waiting for something to finish, I decided to step outside and wander around. First thing I noticed is the amount of light from sodium lamps. With those, the Burger Bowl should be useful for just about any sport, any time you want. Then I noticed that, aside from a few birds and the few vehicles zipping down the Connector (which, by ear, should have been where Ferst Drive is), it was quiet. After a minute or so, I unconsciously blocked out the few sounds there were.

For the first time I can recall, I heard silence. Not this song, nor this one, nor an album by this band. Just a lack of sound. With that, all the things I had been worrying about seemed less important, and certainly not worth worrying over. Worth doing something about the ones that I could, certainly, but not worth worrying about. It was a zen-like moment of enlightenment that's difficult to verbalize.

I let it take what time it wanted, then went inside content with myself and the world and finished my laundry, and continued my day.