H-Blockx (coming from Irish Slang for IRA High-Security Cells or “Blocks”) is a German rap-metal or alternative rock band that was formed in Munster, Germany in 1991. Their single “Rising High” became something of a hit and got much airtime on MTV Europe and on German radio.

Time To Move” the album which followed in 1994 was on the German charts for over a year, sold gold and H-Blockx receive an MTV Award. After which they toured extensively in Europe, mostly in sponsored summer festivals such as “Rock Am Ring

Their next album “Discover My Soul” (1996) was less known but did enter the top 10 charts, the band showed more of a mainstream “alternative” rock sound, less rap influence and more metal.

Fly Eyes” (1998) was their first US release which came close to 7 songs for the German movie “Bang Boom Bang” and around the same time they joined the Vans Warped Tour’s European leg.

Their most well known track to date is probably the theme written for the WWF’s ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin’ theme “Oh Hell Yeah” (They are the only band which are credited on the “WWF - The Music, Volume 4” CD, while the other themes were done by studio artists.)

Another known song is their collaboration with Dr. Ring Ding on “Ring of Fire” which doesn’t seem to be on any album I could find to date.

You can hear alot of Beastie Boys, Faith No More, Rage Against the Machine influence in their songs, sometimes sounding very much alike them and maybe even quoting them.