born Vera Evseevna Slonim, Jan 5, 1902. She was the wife of Vladimir Nabokov for 52 years, and was his most important collaborator, editor, translator, and partner.

An interesting fact: No one really knows how they met. They both told so many confabulated stories about the event that no one has later been able to sort out the truth.

A study of Nabokov is not complete without a study of his wife, and I suggest the excellent book Vera: Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov by Stacy Schiff.

INTERVIEWER: Could you say how important your wife has been as a collaborator in your work?

NABOKOV: No, I could not.

--THE LISTENER, October 23, 1969

I couldn't help adding this:

Both Vera and Vladimir had synesthesia, and as a result their son also had the condition very strongly. For all of them it manifested in seeing black and white text as various colors, and Vera and her son could also see music.