Well I've lived in this city for 20 years now, and I done pretty much everything fun that there is to do in Buffalo. I thought that I might share with you all what there actually is to do in this town.

over time I do plan to make this a comprehensive list.. as for now i shall just list what i can think of
These items are in no particular order other than the order in which i thought of them.

The Anchor Bar

Well, Buffalo is known for chicken wings. What better place to go that the place that invented them. Frank and Teresa's Anchor Bar is located on Main St.

Niagara Falls

Everyone goes and visits the Falls on their first visit to Buffalo. Its a tradition, and with good reason. What I've noticed is that everyone is particularly impressed with the Canadian side of the Falls. There are two different worlds at Niagara Falls.
Canadian Side The Canadian side is great. There are casinos, clubs, restaurants galore, and people lots of crazy people. Its a blast, definitely a fun place to go anytime. You don't beat the Canadian side of the Falls when it comes to having a good time.
American Side While at the Falls itself everyone loves to just stare at the water and think. I do it all of the time. On the American side is a lovely park surrounding the Niagara River. I find it most enjoyable to sit on a bench and watch the water flow. There are far less people, wich is just way more relaxing. Goat island is an experience unto itself. Its a park in the middle of the falls.

Tonawanda Riverside

Along the Niagara River is a beautiful park located in Tonawanda. There is a nice bike path and some nice beach side like restaurants. It a great place to go on a date and just talk or to take your bike and ride. During the summer there are jazz or other music shows put on almost every night. Even if you don't like the music it's just fun to stop and hang with the old people.

Albright-Knox Art Museum

A world class museum in Buffalo? Believe it or not there is. The Museum has a wonderful gallery of historic and modern artwork. There is also some sweet local pieces usually on display. About every couple month or so the the museum brings in a display not native to the museum. I went to see the Monet exhibit when It came. It was fantastic.

Main Street

It was a cool idea to put a long strip of pedestrian walkway in the middle of downtown. People could go walk into the little shops, an then take the free subway to wherever they wanted to go. Well its an empty bastard of a downtown now. My favorite game to play there is "how many 'for sale' signs can you count". But none the less it's still a sweet looking street with nothing to do but sit on a curb and hang out. I love it there.