Now that I am fully conscious again I will take the time to write out some thoughts on last night's events.

Due to the informal nature of the gathering I was much more at ease than at previous get togethers. Once again the binding powers of the Internet amazed me in their ability to bring together such a diverse crowd of wonderful people. Amongst others in attendance I was able to have lovely conversations with perdedor, dead (when he was sober), ansate (who apprehended my pen), and stand/alone/bitch (who desperately needs a snake of her own).

After the festivities died down sufficiently I left with infinite burn to the F train. Whilst freezing on the desolate platform we watched the Statue of Liberty blaze in the background and were frightened by scary drunk old foks wearing devil horns and glowing Jack-O-Lantern's. Overall, it was a glorious night and I eagerly anticipate future events.