Since the first time I found a web page describing Borderline Personality Disorder (last October, I think), I noticed a lot of similarities between how I felt and the symptoms.
That time last year I was feeling a lot more depressed, and when I tried an online self-test for BPD I ended up in the 'danger' category. Right now I guess I could get get away with describing myself as happy, which, on reflection, is a lot better than I expected I would be feeling now.  
Yet I still see a link between my behaviour and thoughts and the symptoms described above.
Although I don't notice at the time, if I look back on a day, I can usually see a lot of illogical mood shifts between being carefree and happy, to depressed and nearly suicidal. Usually, someone said something totally normal and innocent, and I took it the wrong way, and silently got angry, then decide its my fault and wonder what the point of living is.
And the main reason I'm feeling more relaxed is probably because I go out every Friday or Saturday night, and drown my sorrows with alcohol or cannabis.
At least I've managed to stop deliberately hurting myself (because I forced myself to throw away the blade i'd been cutting myself with). Infact, that's probably not the whole truth. I don't cut myself, but i still punch things, with the intent of hurting or cutting my hand. The thing is I don't know why I do it. I'm just fucked up.
Then again, I also see most of the symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome in myself. I always feel like I missed the class where we were taught how to interact socially. I'm hopeless at starting a conversation, and not much better at sustaining one. In a way that would make sense -- no one noticed I wasn't very good at making friends, and I was hiding away on IRC, and I got depressed. And even my dad once said to me how much more shy and withdrawn I became after my mum died. Not that I personally noticed it having a major effect on me, but I think it must have affected me somehow.
So either I'm a hyperchondriac or I've got some real issues. Heh, either way, I guess I've got problems.
Oh well. I'm done rambling on about how I feel now. At least it made me feel a bit better, even if I'm not too sure what use it is to Everything2.