The Logitech MouseMan is one of the best mice ever made. When introduced it was one of the earliest ergonomic mice. It has 3 buttons and triangular in shape. It narrows toward the wrist and looks a bit like a footprint. Unfortunately it is a very right handed mouse. I have not seen a left handed version. There is a notch for the thumb on the side and the top of the mouse curves downward toward the right.

The design is not as exagerated as the later mouseman models that came out. It is very comfortable.

Unfortunately Logitech discontinued this model after a while. But fortunately it's back! The design was reintroduced again as a "gaming mouse" under the name of Wingman. It's gray this time but has the exact same design. The original was both serial port and PS/2 ready. The reintroduced version does both PS/2 and USB.

Wingman is sold at about $40. I went out and bought 2 more just in case. I'm using one of them at work instead of the standard issue Microsoft mouse. The MS mouse bulges in the wrong place and hurts my wrist after a while. My original MouseMan has lasted me over 4.5 years and the middle button is just now starting to fail.