A book written by Akio Morita, the co-founder of Sony. The paperback edition was published by New American Library. The ISBN is 0451151712.

Made in Japan is essentially an autobiography, although it can also be read as a history of Sony. It details Morita's upbringing in a wealthy family, the war years, the birth of Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation (later renamed Sony) with Masaru Ibuka, and Sony's subsequent rise to prominence.

Of particular interest are the business decisions made in the early days of Sony. Akio Morita was convinced of the need for a pleasant, romanised name (Sony, with allusions to sonic and sound), and of the need to pursue an export-oriented strategy rather than relying on the small Japanese economy.

Minor annoyances are the way in which Morita glosses over his involvement in the Japanese military, and the relatively small amount of time and space he gives to Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka. The tone throughout is tinged with false humility, although to be fair it is probably difficult for an individual as personally successful as Morita to appear as anything else.