A friend of mine taught me a trick that helps one make angled shots. It is probably only of worth to beginner pool players, those who cannot intuitively determine where exactly to aim to make the shot (like me!).

Situation: There is not a straight line between between the pocket, the target ball, and the cue ball. The angle strays from a straight line by somewhere between 0 to 75 degrees (0 to 90 is possible, but very hard for beginners). You know you have a cut shot, but where should you aim?

How to do it: Imagine an invisible ball, being the exact same size of the target ball, touching the target ball. The invisible ball should be positioned so the pocket, the target ball, and the invisible ball are in a straight line. Now, aim the cue ball as to hit the invisible ball straight on, that is, aim for a straight line that directly hits the center of the invisible ball. Hit the cue ball at the center, or in other words, don't use english. (Although I suppose one could use draw or follow.)

I find this tip useful, but I am told that soon I will not need it. Cool ( :