Wishing for order!
I spent most of the day tracking down a fencepost error in my code, only to find out that somewhere down the line something (a telnet client) was inserting a LF (new line) character after every CR (enter). It was appearing that I was leaving a character in the buffer that my code should be eating, but it turned out that i was just sending out of spec. data.

That is one of my biggest pet peeves in terms of programming. Little inconsistancies where half of the time it's done one way, and half of the time it's done the other. My other pet peeve is time zones and daylight savings time. If I had my way everybody everywhere would set their clocks to UTC, and be done with it. I would just have to get used to the fact that it's four (or five) hours different from "traditional" time. Then there would be no more stupid errors in databases everywhere causing general mayhem twice a year. All time based things could be simplified immensely.

Our human way of accounting for time is entirely arbitrary and artificial anyway, so we might as well make it regular and machine friendly seeing as we rely on machines to deal with it for the most part. It would save us time and hassle in the end. Fools, all of them!