Warning: This is another dumb daylog entry about a girl:

So, right, on this end of the planet it's Monday night. I just got back from having a mild coffee and chinese food evening meeting with a wonderful woman. She's a few years younger, but she speaks and acts with dignity and maturity. Big deal. We talk about whatever is on our minds, and she's razor sharp. Did I mention she's beautiful and I've got a big crush on her? When we talk about even the most mundane things, she fixes me with her intense eyes. She smiles at the strangest times, but those are also the times when I would smile too. I can see that she is really thinking about what she says, and when I speak, she really listens and understands.

So you might ask what's so bad? She's single, she's cool, what could be wrong? She wants to remain single. She will see a guy for a while, but then wants to be alone. If I end up with her, it's going to hurt when she wants to say goodbye. If I don't it's going to hurt as well. But, what can I say, That's Life (that's what the people say). I'm such a goddamn fool. In the end, I'm sure everything will be alright, but in the mean time it's agony, but sweet agony.