I think programmers not commenting their code is an attribute of a programmer working on a project by themselves. It may also be related to the size of the project, though I seem to recall working on large projects at my old job and being told to code and forget about commenting.

Here at my company we have been working for ten months on an EJB/Servlet driven web application and all of our code is commented. Not everything is commented but every class has a Javadoc description and most methods are commented in a similar manner. And we have documentation for the system as a whole along with documentation for all the related parts, such as the data model and deployment instructions. We also go so far as to be quite descriptive when we check our changes into CVS.

Of course, I have also been a big fan of comments ever since they were forced on me by my lab TA's in first year computer science at UCalgary, something for which I will be forever grateful.