Control is the ability to manipulate a person or thing though any means. I could control the microwave oven by utilizing its touch sensitive buttons, or I could control my dog by telling him to "Sit!"

There are many ways in which one person may have control over another. A child's parents may enforce rules upon the kid by applying punishment if he does not comply. Supposodly, a hypnotist can gain control over a person through hypnotism. I have learned to control people with strings. These strings are metaphors for puppet strings, with which a puppet master controls the elements of a show.

I have found ways to psychologically attach these manipulative strings to people, and pull them to cause the person to act in a way desired by myself.

I am of the belief that these strings exist naturally in society, and are subconsciously used by everyone. I think many politicians have discovered these strings and uses them to their adavantage.

Is having control over another person through subtle means immoral?