Today I proved my love.

I informed Christy that I was not going to attend homecoming with her, and she responded very well. I was expecting her brother, fresh out of jail, to come over and beat my ass, but I am still fully intact.

I played hacky-sack with Allie at lunch today, but I could not bring myself to tell her how I felt. I covered up my feelings with silly tricks and jokes, like I always do.

I talked to her online later this afternoon, and I brought up the subject of her and Matt. I knew that I wanted what was best for her, so I was going to set them up, after I made sure that she wanted to date him, but she seemingly devoted her entire being to the task of changing the subject. I continued to press her, and she figured out the (obvious) fact that I was still in love with her.

"Carl, I'm seriously afraid that I'll answer incorrectly and you'll either hurt me, hurt Matt, or hurt yourself."

I have no idea where she got this notion. I know I have been acting a little depressed lately, but I am her best friend, and she should know better than that. When I finally reasoned it out of her, she informed me that "Yes, I'd like to go out with him. That would be nice."

So, trying to warm Matt up to the idea, I first ask him whom he is going to go to homecoming with.


What? He must be confused; Allie isn't going with him, yet. But no, after double-checking with Allie, he had asked her earlier today, and she had neglected to tell me. I was slightly aggravated, but I was at least happy everything had worked out for her.

Afterwards, I continued the conversation with Allie, and we came to an (sort of) understanding.

For trying to help her, I would get Kudo Points.


I think that love is worthless, but then I imagine her happy face tomorow, and I know I am wrong.