As of July 2002, the total number of Left Behind books currently available is now 10, with Desecration and The Remnant having been released since the original writeup. Instead of 14, there will be a total of 12 books in the series, with the last two titles yet to be decided.

Left Behind has also spawned a graphic novel series, with 5 volumes each of Left Behind and Tribulation Force having been released.

Also of note is Left Behind: The Kids, a "young adult" version of the series suitable for the brainwashing and conversion to Christianity of the little ones. 22 books are available so far, and many more will be written, to the disbelief of the fans who want Book 11 and 12 of the adult series ASAP

If you'd rather listen to the books instead of reading, considering purchasing the Dramatic Audio versions of the Left Behind series, on CD or cassette. If you want what I'd assume to be a dumbed down version of the series, there are two movies as well. Left Behind: The Movie was first released on tape in October 2000, and was released independently in theaters 4 months later. At the end of 2002, Left Behind II: Tribulation Force was released on DVD and VHS.

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