I hate this holiday.

Sure, Only single people hate Valentine's day, but dammit, we have a right. For one month a year, we get bombarded with discounts on chocolates and red roses and discounts at hotels for couple. It seems like the whole world goes out of its' way to remind you that you are still single.

It's not like I had a say in that decision, y'know.

For the past few months, as a result of the misadventures I've had while attempting to find SO, I've threatened to fly to Tibet or Japan and join a buddhist monastery. Some friends started taking me seriously when I enrolled in our Buddhism class.

Yesterday I had a neon green lace ask me if I had a crush on her last semester. What shocked me wasn't the fact that she asked, it was that she never even noticed. She'd heard this from a friend. Of all the time we spent together, she didn't pick up on it. At all.

So, what are my plans for this day of infamy? I've taken the liberty of procuring a torch, a pitchfork, and some napalm. Any happy couple within sight will reap it in the next 24 hours. And in the end, though I'll have gotten my smirking revenge , and most likely under arrest for murder, the fact remains that I'll still be single in the morning.

It's times like these when I feel that life is Not On My Side.